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We have been proud to offer Cupping In Sacramento for nearly a decade! (Back before it was cool. 😜

We like to say “It may look weird, but it feels great—and it works!” Cupping Massage is a treatment that is designed to break up stagnation in the tissue and loosen extremely tight muscles. The cups are applied to the skin, drawing in the skin and superficial muscle layer. Some of these cups are used to slide along the surface of the skin and activates circulation and the release of tension. Because the “vacuum” brings blood near the surface of the skin, markings should be expected. Because of that, this treatment is not recommended for those who are opposed to the appearance of bruising. With that said, the results (similar to that of Deep Tissue Massage) are totally worth it.

Cupping is complementary to massage, that’s why we here at Sacramento Massage Studio have incorporated both treatments into one Awesome treatment! Helping a variety of issues, and spanning across several body systems. Here are just some of the benefits of Cupping Massage.

Contracted Muscles:

– Stretches muscle
– Flushes lactic acid and stagnant blood from acute and/or chronically contracted muscles

Soft Tissue:

– Decongests soft tissue, breaking up adhesions
– Stretches connective tissues
– Pulls blood supply to the skin
– Expels old blood and lymph fluid from soft tissue

Pain Management:

– Relieves back pain, as well as pain other conditions from sciatica to whiplash.

Immune System:

– Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid
– Cleans lymph and helps to balance PH levels
– Encourages a sufficient supply of nutrition and blood circulation to muscle tissues and skin tissues

Nervous System:

– The pulling action from the suction engages the parasympathetic nervous system, calming it and initiating a deep, body-wide relaxation

Cupping Sacramento

Cupping Sacramento Massage Studio

Contraindications of Cupping Massage

In cases of severe disestrongase (such as renal failure, cardiac failure, ascites, and extreme swelling), we advise against cupping. Cupping is also contraindicated in cases of hemorrhagic diseases such as allergic purpura, hemophilia and leukemia, as well as in cases of dermatosis, destruction of skin, and/or allergic dermatitis.


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