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Cupping Massage

It may look weird, but it feels great—and it works! Cupping Massage is an upper body massage treatment that is designed to loosen extremely tight muscles and break up stagnation in the tissue. Suction cups are applied to the skin, drawing in the skin and superficial muscle layer. Some of these cups are moved along the surface of the skin to activate circulation and the release of tension. Because the “vacuum” brings blood near the surface of the skin, some markings should be expected. Therefore, this treatment is not recommended for those who are opposed to the appearance of bruising. That said, the results—much like those of Deep Tissue Massage—are totally worth it.

Cupping therapy has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. And, as people have experienced since pre-modern times the results of this technique are just as dependable, definitive, and impressive as the marks it leaves behind.

How our Cupping Massage treatment goes is this: Essentially, it’s a combination of massage and cups. A suction is added to the cups to generate a negative pressure when applied to the skin. When the cup is positioned at the area of treatment, a vacuum is created inside the cup, drawing the skin and underlying tissue up and into it. The suction has an effect not possible through other compression techniques. We apply a varying number of cups depending on the client’s needs.

The intensity of the suction can range from light to heavy; we determine the amount based on your body work goals, how tolerable the pressure is, and how much redness is being produced.

In sum, the technique employs both traditionally applied pressure and the negative pressure obtained through cupping. It has been our experience–and the experience of countless generations before us–that this combination will leave you feeling balanced in a way that only this technique can provide. Check out the benefits of Cupping Massage.


$160 – 60 minute massage + 20 minute cupping treatment