I’ve been getting massages here since last year and every time they outdo themselves. I scheduled an appointment recently with Michelle and omg she was wonderful. She said that I was her first client at the Sac Massage Studio but she provided the same excellent service that I am used to from the therapists. I was scheduled for a 1 hour deep tissue and Michelle was sure to focus on all of the parts of my body with extra tension. She was very patient and did a thorough job. The whole experience was very enjoyable – I’ll definitely be requesting her for my next appointment.

Cheyenne V., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


I was looking for a good massage therapist and found one here! Typically, I wouldn’t choose to go to a male, but after reading Zach’s reviews I decided to give him a try.

My massage was wonderful and comforting. Zach was very relaxed and friendly, which made me feel relaxed; I never felt uncomfortable at all. He was quiet during the massage, but did make sure I was comfortable and the pressure was how I wanted. I especially liked the “”extras””: the warm neck pillow, the silky face pillow, the aromatherapy, the warmed towels if I wanted to remove any extra lotion when I was dressing, and the bottled water.

Sign up on his mailing list (at his website) and he sends you a great coupon for your first visit – score!! I have already recommended him to two other women. I will definitely go back to Zach for another massage.

Tricia K., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


Zach is one of those unique people that has discovered what they have the gift to do. His hands heal soreness, the ambiance of the room is incredibly relaxing and comfortable, and he is very attentive to his clients. He remembers from appointment to appointment about one’s issues and how best to address them. I am a native Sacramentan and appreciate the kind of skill, honesty, listening skills, and professionalism that Zach has – it makes me proud of my hometown. This keeps me coming back and referring him to people I care about.

Wendy M., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!

I almost knew that my massage from Zach would be great when I entered his office. It was beautiful! Roomy but cozy, with soft soothing music playing and everything set up for ultimate comfort.
I immediately felt at ease with Zach, and felt that he really listened and cared about finding out about any soreness or tension I may have had, and he was wonderful about checking in to see if the massage pressure was okay, etc. I tend to carry all my stress in my shoulders and neck, but by the time I left it had completely vanished. I felt so wonderful by the end of the massage that I have recommended him to everyone I know!

Maude S., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!

Zach is one of the most professional, intuitive massage therapists I’ve ever experienced. He was able to identify the reason for my particular neck pain issue and craft the massage to help eliminate this chronic issue. The studio is very nice, comfortable, and easily accessible with plenty of 2-hour street parking.
Al R., San Francisco, CA -- Via Yelp!

Jason Clark at Sacramento Massage Studio is both a gifted massage therapist and a wonderful person. Regular massages by Jason are usually part of my health regime. Once Covid-19 runs its course, I look forward to again having regular Jason massages.
Christine W., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!

Jason is the best. I am a regular and have been going here for about two years. I work in construction and beat my body up, so each massage is a lifesaver, and keeps me feeling my best. Jason is super mindful and listens to my needs really well. He always knows where the problems lie and how to fix them. My wife goes by occasionally with Aubrey and has nothing but positive things to say. Hope everyone is well over there and can’t wait to be back on the table.
Dominic B., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google

The BEST massage I have ever had. I have gone to several massage therapists in Sacramento trying to find “the one”. Zach is my one! I went into my massage feeling stiff in my neck and back. Zach spent extra time on those areas and I left feeling significantly better and more relaxed. I also love the whole vine of the studio. The colors are soothing, the massage bed is so cozy, the music is soft and relaxing, and the aromatherapy is on point. I am sold. I will definitely be going back.
Laura P., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google

While we do our part to support our community, I want to take a moment to talk about how AMAZING Sac Massage Studio is.
1. They love our community and even during “normal” times ensure they’re helping people and serving them.
2. They have incredible talent. Zach has an uncanny ability to find areas of tension and work them out with care and expertise.
3. They are VERY clean and well appointed. It’s truly a sanctuary.
4. They focus on customer service–from the courtesy reminders to the hot tea at the end of a massage.
5. There is no better feeling than leaving after a massage–refreshed, relaxed, and calm!
Gayle M., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I’ve had two massages with Travis, and it was divine. He was receptive and attuned to my body and its needs, and spent time beforehand asking me questions about my physical state and what I was looking for. He ended up giving me the perfect combination of pressure and gentleness, and I truly dissolved into relaxation. I’ll be going back regularly!
Jelly F., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


Bree is fantastic!!
Stephanie G., Sacramento, CA -- Via Square


I have been to the Sacramento Massage Studio twice, both times scheduling a massage with Travis. I am an ultrasound technician and struggle with intermittent severe upper back, shoulder and neck pain. I have gotten massages in the past at other studios and always left wishing that my pain had been addressed more significantly. After getting a deep-tissue massage from Travis, I left the studio feeling like an entirely new person. The stiffness and pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders was eradicated! The second massage I got, I decided to get a 90 minute massage, and was again blown away by how amazing I felt afterwards. I had no idea that I had stiffness in my lower back and hips until he worked all of that out as well! Truly the most amazing masseuse; don’t know what I would do without him!
Samantha H., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I did something to my right hip a couple of weeks ago and was experiencing considerable pain. Thinking of going to a chiropractor when a friend mentioned massage therapy as an option and Sacramento Massage Studio in particular. Let me just say that Mariah can perform magic! I walked out of my session feeling better than I had since the pain started. While I still feel a slight “twinge” in the hip now and again, there is NO pain. I haven’t even had to take ibuprofen since my session with her. Mariah even worked with me on some exercises I can do at home on a regular basis to try to prevent this from happening again. I wholeheartedly recommend Sacramento Massage Studio and ask for Mariah! Thanks,
Barb R., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I came to see Julie as a first timer here, and she is AMAZING! I hold my stress in my back and I had her focus there for the majority of our time and a week later I still feel so great. She encouraged my breathing during the massage which nobody has done before with me but it was actually extremely helpful, I appreciated that. After we got done she checked in with me on how I felt and pointed out some issues that I should get looked at that I definitely would never have noticed. I even got a handwritten letter in the mail to follow up! I will be going back to see her soon, that’s for sure. Thank you Julie & team!
Natasha J., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


It’s not inexpensive, you’re guaranteed to receive a massage that meets your specific needs. I’ve been a client for over 10 years.
Eric W., Land Park, Sacramento, CA -- Via Nextdoor.com


As always, the experience was excellent. Aubrey knows how to help me recover and heal!
Linda H., -- Via Square


I was in from Texas, visiting my daughter and had some shoulder pain that wouldn’t let up. Daughter had heard good things about Sacramento Massage Studio, but hadn’t been yet. My visit with Aubrey was wonderful. I’ve had two people in my past who could do what Aubrey does, and it just doesn’t get any better….well, if I’d booked 2 hours instead of 1 – that would have been better. Aubrey explained what she was doing (I assume because I asked her), but she really knows her anatomy. Her deep tissue pressure was just right. I had to do some Lamaze breathing through some of the knots, but I left feeling so much better. Aubrey offered me a cup of hot tea on the way out. Yes – I felt special! Oh – and there was plenty of metered parking on both sides of the street. Sometimes I find downtown tricky!
Paula S., Yantis, TX -- Via Yelp!


I was having really bad lower back pain from driving a bus with a messed up chair. So bad it was hard to stand up and walk and I’m only 28! I didn’t have good massage experiences in the past. Just felt uncomfortable and awkward plus it was in a different country so not sure they were professional. But met with Jason who was great. He could tell I was a little nervous so he talked me through with more detail how it all works He focused on releasing my pain rather than the general massage I signed up for which was great. He even worked other areas that he new contributed to my pain so very knowledgeable! The massage was amazing I was able to relax and enjoy it. And he even gave me some suggestions for stretches that might help. That was back in December and now (end of January) I haven’t had the pain since then. It did take a day or two for me to reap the rewards of the massage which is normal. I would recommend this place to anyone and won’t go anywhere else if I need another. Also nice touch with a cup of tea at the end and even got a card in the mail a few weeks later just to check if I had in fact felt some relief. Great place and it lives up to the 5 star standard
Daniel B., -- Via Yelp!


Outstanding in every category.
Lori S., -- Via Square


I gotta tell you…I already have a hard enough time getting my massage slots here built into my business travel to Sac, but I’ve decided to tell the world about this gem of a place and risk it being harder because, quite simply, if you are going to spend your hard-earned $$ and want the best treatment for it, click the schedule now button for Sacramento Massage Studio. No regrets. I’ve been getting massages for a long time and please believe me when I tell you that this place is something very special. There is a unique ambiance there that kind of envelopes you like a hug when you walk in. The rooms are all unique–you can’t picture Victorian crown molding and Zen aesthetic blending and yet, boom…they do.

Zach is the owner and good on you, mister–you’ve created a space of loving, caring attention in a business and that’s amazingly difficult to do! All the therapists are warm and attentive, tailoring their skills to your needs. I see Julie twice monthly and my wife has seen Aubrey, Jason and Julie…and loves them all. How much do I love it? I moved to Long Beach last August and keep seeing Julie every time I’m here (2x/month) on business. That’s how much. Julie is the best CMT around, hands down. She will ask about your day, your mood, your body before you even hit the table…and then proceeds to find where your own body has been beating you up! Bad body! Bad! Bad! You think your shoulders hurt, right? She’ll find some little muscle in your lower back that’s balled up and has actually made the rest of back and shoulders tweak themselves out of whack…and by fixing the muscle you didn’t even know about, the rest of the body falls into place and bliss!

Julie is like a sculptor who takes whatever is placed in front of her and does whatever she can to make it ART. Her massage is restorative not just to my body but to my soul…yeah, it’s that good. She’s that good. Trust.

Karen H., -- Via Yelp!


Sacramento Massage Studio has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and amazing massages. Highly recommend!
Ryan F., -- Via Google


The staff are always professional, the space is serene, and the massages are amazing. Zach manages to get the knots out of my back and shoulders every time!
Darcy A., -- Via Google


Booked a last min 90 min prenatal massage here with Travis and best decision ever! I’ve only had about 2 professional massages in my life and both weren’t that great. This time, I literally almost fell asleep on the table. I went home and took a great nap and my back feels great! Will definitely be making this a monthly thing until baby comes!
Alexandra E., -- Via Yelp!


Love the warm and inviting atmosphere. I felt welcomed and appreciated. My experience was different but good. I tried “cupping” for the first time and it was pleasant and painful all in one. Will I try it again, maybe… Julie my masseuse was pleasant and informative she educated me on the massage I was going to receive and what to expect. Overall I would definitely schedule another appointment.
Nikki H., -- Via Google


Overall great experience. After the first visit, I’ve come back for a massage every 2 weeks.

The studio is very nice. The waiting / massage rooms are clean, comfortable, and relaxing.

Jason has done an awesome job helping with my upper back / neck pain. He’s provided me with a few stretches that have helped between sessions. He’s attentive and extremely knowledgeable with his practice.

Andrew R., -- Via Yelp!


Had a 90 minute massage with Travis. Hands down, best massage. The space is amazing, calming and comfortable. The room is wonderfully warm and inviting, aromatherapy was on point. Travis checked in with me throughout to make sure the pressure was good. And I left with a cup of tea and ready for a nap. Top notch!
Ellie B., -- Via Yelp!


It’s my first time here and Aubrey is amazing. This is literally the best massage I have ever had. She never goes too aggressive when she’s trying to do deep tissue massage, and the pressure is just perfect for me. It totally worth the money. The other time I had Travis and he is awesome too! Highly recommended
Sally C., -- Via Yelp!


My best massage ever!
Connie W., -- Via Square


Just had my first massage here. Place is relaxing, rooms are great and staff was friendly. Got my massage done by Travis. He gave me exactly what I asked for and I walked out feeling like a champ! Lol
Jay D., -- Via Yelp!


This was my first time here and I booked with Aubrey. She did such a great job! She checked in with my regularly to make sure the right pressure was being applied and took the time to get to know my lifestyle and what I did and didn’t like. Highly recommend this place! I left feeling extremely relaxed.
Alyssa M., -- Via Google


Best massage ever! Julie was patient and wanted to understand my concerns. She worked on my focus areas and overall massage too–all within an hour! Can’t wait for next time.
Gloria S., -- Via Square


Just had 1 hour deep tissue massage with Julie, feeling so much better, pain level way down, thanks again Julie, will definitely be coming back!
Gil O., San Francisco, CA -- Via Yelp!


I just finished a 90 minute massage with Aubrey – full body and reflexology – and cannot be happier. I’ve been to a handful of different massage therapists in Sacramento. None of them were perfect Aubrey definitely met and raised that bar. She was personable, welcoming, and friendly. Her flow and technique was so relaxing and effective. I never felt like she was rushing or had accidentally mispaced the massage. Everything felt purposeful and smooth. I actually dozed off for a minute while she was working! She had wonderful suggestions during and after my massage to help with my problem areas, too. I had been in desperate need of a massage and wanted to try reflexology, so I was happy to find that Sacramento Massage Studio had availability on one of my rare days off. Scheduling was simple and adding on services was no trouble at all. I’m so glad I found them and will definitely be coming back! Alao good to note is that it’s in a very convenient location in Midtown that doesn’t require you to pay for parking; two hour street parking is available north of the studio.
Kristen C., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


This is the best place in all of Sacramento to get a massage! I use to bounce around places until I found sac massage studio, and I haven’t left since. Each CMT has their own unique approach, and all are great all around. I am grateful for their attention to detail and execution when it comes to handling me as a person with different struggles that need to be addressed each time I come in. Amazing atmosphere to be in: cozy, clean, professional, chill, low key vibe hosted by great people. Definitely getting an A1 experience every time you go in, no matter who you see. Props to the entire team in Jason, Josh, Cody, Zach, Aubrey and Julie!
Austin T., North Highlands, CA -- Via Yelp!


Just what I needed after a long day at work. Thank you!
Mike S., -- Via Google


It’s my first time here and Aubrey is amazing. This is literally the best massage I’ve ever had. She never goes too aggressive when she’s trying to do deep tissue massage, and the pressure is just perfect for me. It totally worth the money.
Olivia C., Millbrae, CA -- Via Yelp!


An awesome, relaxing environment. Not to mention one of the best massages I have ever gotten in my life. My therapist listens and responds to the issues I’m having and is communicative throughout the process. Highly recommend.

Andrew K., -- Via Google


Jason was amazing. I just got back from my prenatal massage at the Sacramento Massage Studio and I have to say I am so impressed. Jason was very warm, welcoming, charismatic, and calm. When I arrived, there seemed to have been a mix up on my massage, I had booked prenatal but his appointment said something else. He was incredibly calm and professional as he made some quick adjustments. Jason massaged and stretched muscles in my body that I forgot I even had. He made me feel comfortable by offering things like a hot towel, room temperature vs cold water, chocolate, tea, etc. He was also very attentive to any scents that I found calming and released those into the room. When I first arrived I was nervous and self conscious but the way Jason worked my body made me more in tune with my muscles and my breathing to the point where I realized it was silly to be self conscious. He made me very comfortable and gave me this time to myself that I really needed. Thank you, Jason!
Emma V., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I was gifted a prenatal massage for Christmas, and used it at 34 weeks pregnant. Jason was my massage therapist, and thanks to him I left feeling more relaxed and less tight in my upper back than I have in ages. He also gave me a few tips for keeping my neck and posture in better alignment. Highly recommend!

Rebecca R., -- Via Google


I recently lost my massage therapist and had to search for another one, because I tend to have chronic pain due to arthritis and back pain. I liked the excellent reviews of the Sacramento Massage Studio and after reading the profiles of the various therapists, I chose Julie to start. I am now going regularly every two weeks. Julie is an excellent therapist, knowledgeable, responsive to my needs and inquiries, and gives a strong massage if that is what you wish. I also love the Victorian the studio is housed in. It is beautiful, quiet, and conducive to a massage atmosphere. I highly recommend this studio and Julie in particular.

Betsie C.


I started coming here in early 2018 to help address shoulder pain I’d been experiencing for a few years, mainly from working at a desk. I was pretty apprehensive about it since I’d never received a professional massage, but my first appointment with Christopher was legit life-changing.

In addition to providing a clean, relaxing environment (seriously, the meditative music and aromatherapy sets a nice mood just in the waiting area), Christopher listened to what was my main issue and worked on that area carefully in addition to other problem areas I had. I was bewildered at how much relief I’d experienced after that first appointment!

I try to make appointments with him every month or so to help stay on top of the shoulder pain and back pain. I can only speak for my experience with Christopher since he’s the only massage therapist I’ve seen at this location, but based on his friendliness, professionalism, and skill, I would 100% recommend you make an appointment with him or any of the other folks here. No complaints from me!

Jordan M., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


It was my first time here, and Julie was my massage therapist. She was AMAZING!!! Super attentive, really knowledgeable, sweet, personable, and did an incredible job. She took the time to get to know you, and didn’t rush anything. She made you feel important and provided helpful tips for your body ailments/issues. I will definitely be back and will tell everyone I know about her!!
Lisa T., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


Zach knows exactly how to work out the knots and kinks that cause me pain. Been going there for about 8 years.
Cathy G., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


Great massage by Julie!
Dorian H., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


Excellent massage and customer service! Jason focused on my problem areas and I left feeling RELAXED. He used essential oils, checked in with me after the massage, and sent me off with a delicious tea. .

Luna L., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I had my second massage with Jason and he is excellent! I love coming to this place. It’s relaxing, tranquil, and professional. I recently had a baby and my husband got me a massage for Christmas, and I saw Jason for the first time around March. We discussed my problem areas and he was attentive and thoughtful in his massage. He also went over stretches and things I could do to help with my soreness. I went back today and once again, we discussed my problem areas and it was like magic. I highly recommend him! I can’t wait to go back. I also had a massage from Lya last year when I was about 14 weeks pregnant and she was great too! You really cannot go wrong with any massage therapist at this wonderful studio. I live in Elk Grove and am more than willing to make the drive to Midtown to visit this special place.
Whitney L., Elk Grove, CA -- Via Yelp!


I had a nice first ever massage here. Jason was really friendly and took the time to understand what issues I was having. He also suggested some exercises I could do at home.
Thomas H., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


Had my first massage here today and it was excellent! Christopher was my masseuse; he was very nice and professional with a great massage technique. I’d definitely recommend him. I left feeling wonderful and very relaxed. The studio is very clean and comfortable. I will definitely be back again!
Jamie D., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


Today was my first time at Sacramento Massage Studio and I had Chris as my masseuse. He was very friendly and comfortable. He checked on me several times throughout the massage to ensure that the pressure was to my liking. The massage was very relaxing and I had the knots rubbed out of my shoulders. I would definitely recommend Sacramento Massage Studio and I will be going back again!
Nicole L., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


The best. Several practitioners, each with a slightly different style, but all good. Great setting, great people, great massage.
Dave R., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


I just wanted to give a big huge thank you to Jason. I went for my first visit/treatment on May 12th and I feel so much better. I was waking up with back pain for MONTHS and the pain is almost gone now. I’m very much looking forward to scheduling my next appointment. As soon as the July schedule opens up I’m booking another treatment with Jason.
I really appreciate that he took the time to explain what he did and why it would help and what stretches I should be doing every day. He even made me tea! I’ve already recommended him to my mom and my boss.
Thanks again and see you in July!
Sara S., Sacramento, CA -- Via Email


A truly amazing experience. I have been here a few times and I can say that I won’t go anywhere else. I have only received the Deep Tissue Massage; however, the experience has me hooked. I went the first time for a 60 min and regretted not paying for the 90 min. The massage is very looking lasting and I have not been disappointed. I have been to other places and their service seemed to go down the more you went but not here! I highly recommend this place to anyone experiencing pain or stress. You will not be disappointed!
Thomas H., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


This place is amazing. Probably the best massage I’ve ever had.
Nathan M., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


Zach is great. Best massage I’ve ever had. He’s very in tune with pressure points, and very receptive to communication before and during the massage.
Keith L., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!



Clean, nice, relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for massage. In the city but ambiance is perfect and house is surprisingly quiet. Occasionally if there is a very loud city sound it is audible, but certainly not loud enough to be bothersome.

Quick background on myself. I do all types of exercise, including mtn biking and lifting, two types that are hard on the body. I am healthy and athletic. I highly recommend staying hydrated before and after a massage. When I came to Aubrey, my main concern was general soreness reduction and relaxation when, for the first time in my life I have the means and time to have this luxury. And I will tell you, it is worth every penny. Absolutely the best use of money.

I have only had one masseuse, Aubrey. I waited until I had 3 massages to write a more thoughtful review. She is fantastically sensitive with a sixth sense for the physical body. Even her elbows are sensitive to the tight spots. Pressure is perfect. She has taken extra courses to amend her original certification in massage, but I think her skills actually come more naturally to her and cannot really be taught in a class.

In response to my feedback for the pressure and style I prefer she has fine tuned her massage to fit me perfectly by the third visit. My last massage was absolutely amazing, I walked out completely relaxed like I had meditated for hours, my soreness had been reduced, mainly I just feel grounded in my body and refreshed. And this feeling really last into the next day.

Honestly, I’m not sure I expected to look forward to massage this much, but Aubrey just has magic healing hands. I will be going back weekly if possible.

Thank you, Aubrey.

Jarrod M., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


For the past few weeks I have been in immense pain that is not the norm for my chronic pain.

I know this was due to my poor posture while sitting all day at work and, in essence, it messed up my upper left shoulder, neck, and back area. I took a chance and made a massage appointment at a new place that had a ton of positive reviews.

Just finished my session and I could literally cry tears of relief. In one hour Jason Clark, CMT removed about 90% of my pain, my mobility in my neck has dramatically improved, and the professional demeanor and kindness I experienced from Jason was phenomenal. He went above and beyond what I have ever experienced from a MT. He even provided me with personalized exercises I could do at home to continue to reduce my pain over time.

If you need a good massage or pain relief check out this place and make an appointment with Jason. I will only return to him for my massages in the future.

Liz A., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I so appreciate the focus and care you brought to my massage session today. I came in with pain and left with hope that once off these crutches I can lead an active and pain free life again!
Thank you for the work you do! You rocked it today. You da bomb😉
Maggie W., Sacramento, CA -- Via Email


I just did my first massage here and oh my god it was by far the best I’ve ever had!! Josh was amazing, I went in for a deep tissue and oh man did he work me good. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the body. We talked with each other a lot during the massage so he could know if something was too painful for me since my back was pretty messed up and had some laughs through the pain .But don’t get me wrong, if you are going to relax and get a massage I’m sure he would be more than happy to just work in peace and quiet but I needed to speak to him. Anyway, 5 stars and I 100% will be back thanks Josh!
David N., Sacramento, CA -- Via yelp!


My search is finally over. Joshua is the best deep tissue massage therapist. He knew intuitively which problem areas needed the most work. He worked hard and diligently to loosen very tight muscles. I suffer from chronic pain as a result of sitting and typing for many years. I believe with his help I can finally heal. I found Joshua to be professional, friendly and knowledgeable. On another note, the decor was aesthetically pleasing. It took my breathe away. The combination of the decor, aromatherapy and music created such a relaxing atmosphere that I floated to La La Land.
Rose D., Sacramento, CA -- Via Square Feedback


My very Sacramento Massage Studio has an elegant, relaxing ambiance.
My Massage Therapist, Jason, was inviting, knowledgeable, and made sure to make you feel comfortable, checking in throughout the massage making sure pressure was to my liking. He did an incredible job.
I’ve been to many different Spa’s and Massage Therapists in the greater Sacramento area. I highly recommend Sacramento Massage Studio.
Mandi L., Sacramento, CA -- Via facebook


My very Honestly, the second best massage I’ve ever had. I say second because nothing will be able to top the very first massage I got, because hello… it was my FIRST one! To say it was my second best is a big deal. I chose Lya for my massage therapist because her biography on their website fit into what I liked. She likes the same modalities that I do. When I got there she was right on time to answer the door. She had me feel out some paperwork, which I appreciated. If you go to a massage place that doesn’t have you do this, then don’t trust it 100%. Seriously. The questioneer is important so your massage therapist can learn about you; health issues, medications, current pain areas on your body, etc. After I filled out the paperwork, I used the restroom. Such a nice, calming restroom. Haha. Funny to say about a bathroom. But it was!

She then went over my answers, asked any questions, and focused on what I wanted out of the massage. Amazing that she took time to ask! I want to make sure I get the most out of my massages because it’s rare that I get them. She listened to everything I said! Her pressure was perfect. She doesn’t mind you letting her know if you want more or less. She made me feel completely comfortable. She also adjusted the temperature of the blanket on the massage table when I got a little chilly. So thankful for heated blankets!! The music was relaxing! The oils smelt amazing! I like how she put something over my eyes when it was time to turn on my back. It smelt like it was scented with lavender or some other oil. That was a nice touch! You know when you have a good massage therapist when she/he never takes her/his hands off of you during body work! Her movements were flawless and continuous. Everything just flowed so nicely! That’s important to me because I don’t like interruption during my massages because it throws my relaxation off. She focused on the area I asked her to, while still completing a full body massage.

It didn’t feel rushed at all, which sometimes 60 min massages can. After the massage, she laid out a heated towel to wipe off any excess oil/lotion! I loved that addition! I was so relaxed after the massage! I was out of it, and that’s a good thing!! My body felt less tense, and my mind was at ease. It was definitely needed as my wedding is in 10 days, and it’s been quite stressful with planning. My sister was super kind to get me a massage for my bridal shower! Thank goodness she did because I needed a reset! Lya definitely helped me relax! I’m really thrilled that I found a good massage therapist, as it not that easy to come across one. I told her after the massage that I too attended massage therapy college. So I definitely know a good massage, and I told her she was one of the best I’ve had! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lya! I hope to come see her again soon!

Ashley J., Brentwood, CA -- Via Yelp!


My very first time visiting this massage studio. Josh was the one who provided my integrated massage. He was excellent at listening to my concerns regarding problem areas. Pressure was perfect and he really address the tension in my shoulders and back. The studio is clean and well kept. The experience was very relaxing and probably the best massage I had to date. At the end Josh provided me with a consultation/recommendation on what he recommends should I book a future massage. I had such a great experience that I booked another session on the spot and Josh was helpful in finding a good time and date to accommodate my next visit. Can’t wait for my next massage!
Gurdev B., Natomas, CA -- Via Yelp!


I’ve been looking for a good massage studio for ages and I’m so glad I came to Yelp to look through reviews first. It’s how I found this highly rated place and yes it is worth EVERY star. This place is great and similar in prices to other massage studios.

I was able to book online but their spots go fast so don’t try to wait a day or two before you book. Plan about a week in advanced for the most availability. I had Joshua and he was super chill, very friendly and real. When I told him of my shoulder and back issues he was able to find the problem and get to work on it. I pulled a muscle in my back six months ago and have been having a lot of pain and headaches and now it’s all gone! He was only able to do so much in an hour so I’ll need to book another appointment but I’m definitely satisfied with the results. I’ve already told all my friends at work about this place and I’m so glad I found it. Seriously if you’re in the Sacramento area you don’t need to look at other places with meh reviews, this is the place you’re looking for.

Lisa W., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


Massage therapist was professional and responded to my needs. Also asking about pressure points and if I was comfortable. Afterwards my neck and shoulders felt great. Will go back.
Janna F., Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


Today I had one of the best massages I’ve ever had! Shannon was my therapist. We had a nice chat beforehand about any problem areas and what I was expecting. During the massage she was very conscious of my breathing, trigger points and pressure levels. It was both therapeutic and relaxing. I’ve already booked my next appointment!
Laura L., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


Best massage I ever got and will definitely be coming back. Went for Josh who definitely knew what he was doing and focused on my problem areas. I never got a deep tissue massage, and he helped me realize what I’ve been missing out on. 10 stars!
Vera M., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I had Josh massaged me a few months ago and he was awesome. He knew the right spots to press. My shoulders were so tight when I came in. I felt so much better when I left. I highly recommend this place.
Jacki W., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I love this place and will definitely be coming back! I had the pleasure of getting a massage by Lya. She took the time to have a thorough consultation with me to figure out my problem areas, very professional. It was very relaxing atmosphere, plus my back and neck have never felt better.
Gurshan K., Roseville, CA -- Via Yelp!
I feel like a million dollars! Wasn’t really aware of just how inflexible I’d become. I didn’t really feel like anything was wrong. But after a session with Josh, I felt a hundred times better. Since then, I’ve been going to Josh regularly, with the same fantastic results. No sessions are exactly alike, as Josh is able to detect just what approach is needed for each visit, with each muscle area. Always professional and courteous. I’d highly recommend Josh to anyone.

The studio itself is very clean, comfortable and relaxing, in what used to be an old stately home.

Brian W., San Francisco, CA -- Via Yelp!


Beautiful space and amazing massage. I don’t get here to see Zach nearly as often as I want (or need), but it is ALWAYS worth it when I do. Zach has an understanding of the body and how to guide deep relaxation through his knowledge of essential oils, calming music, zen-like ambiance and intuitive touch. I highly recommend!!!
Jodi D., Granite Bay, CA -- Via Yelp!


Outstanding massage and overall experience. Joshua is a pro!!!
Dan L., Sacramento, CA -- Via Facebook


I highly recommend Josh, Zach and Melissa. They are each skilled massage therapists and the studio itself is a beautiful and calm environment. No matter who you schedule with, you will be treated with respect by a professional in a serene setting. Go, and feel better.

Maia S., Sacramento, CA -- Via Yelp!


I couldn’t wait to get home to write a review because my massage was sooo great. It was one of those experiences that when it was over you screamed “noooo” in your head.
Josh was my masseuse and he was phenomenal. He catered to all my needs and then some. He was rubbing out knots I didn’t even know I had. It was a relaxing setting, Josh made me feel extremely comfortable and I walked out of there with a very relaxed back and a hot cup of tea. Cannot wait to go back soon.

Stephanie P., Irvine, CA -- Via Yelp!


An excellent massage studio in Midtown, Joshua took care of my first session here and did a fantastic job. Having trained in trigger point therapy in addition to deep tissue, I found his approach to be very effective in helping me relieve the wear & tear resulting from regular strength training and tennis.

On top of that, Joshua was one of the most friendly and professional masseuses I’ve met yet and so communicative in both identifying problem areas and offering tips to work them out between sessions.

The studio itself is superbly peaceful and relaxing with complimentary water/tea, calming music and aromatherapy.

Highly recommended for anyone needing quality deep tissue work.

Eric F., San Leandro, CA -- Via Yelp!


“This is by far the most comfortable massage studio I’ve been. The space is beautiful and calming and Zach just takes care of all the little details to make it a smooth and effortless experience. I always leave feeling relaxed; last time my low back felt super loose for days after.”

Dennis, Sacramento, CA -- Via Google


Found these guys on yelp and after seeing the reviews decided to book an appointment with Joshua. I went in with a fairly tight lumbar spine. Joshua took the time to ask the proper questions before he started. he did a really good job at listening up my hips and IT bands. very pleased with these guys! these guys are legit!
Toraino S, Sacramento, CA, -- Via Yelp!


I decided to get my first ever massage on my birthday last month. Obviously I was pretty nervous since I had no idea what to expect. Joshua was my massage therapist and made me feel at ease. He asked what I was looking to get out of my massage and what areas I thought needed to be worked on. Never having massage before I said just wanted to feel relaxed and peaceful. Well I definitely felt all of that and more. The massage felt so good I didn’t want it to end and was sad when it did. I loved my first ever massage. Thanks to Joshua for making it a great experience!
Lia W, Sacramento, CA, -- Via Yelp!


Josh’s hands are a gift to massage! I had a 60 minute session that was magical! He really listened to my concerns and really tailored our time to the needs of my body. It was better than I could have ever imagined! I am already feeling relief from my tension, stress and pain after my first session today. Already have my next session booked. Best massage experience I’ve ever had! The tea after was lovely as well!
Megan S, West Sacramento, CA, -- Via Yelp!


Amazing massage which is tailored to where the stress and tension is located. The place is very clean and the staff is personable and makes sure that you get what you want out of the session. I liked that there were various techniques utilized to relieve tension from muscles. I also liked that at the end they offer a warm beverage and after my first appointment I was even sent a thank you card which was so thoughtful. I would highly recommend going here if you’re looking for a good massage studio.
Stella A, Sacramento, CA -- via Yelp!


I found this place when looking for a birthday present for my sister and decided to get a massage for myself. Might have been a bad idea because I think I’m addicted now! The space is very warm and inviting and like most people have already said, you can tell a lot of thought went into it (there’s even a station to freshen up hair or makeup if you need to go out after)!

I was seen by Zach who hands down goes 100% out of his way to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed and you can really feel the level of care that he has for his clients and the body work he does. The little things too make a huge impact, like offering a tea at the end and having a hot towel at the end. He’s very good at controlling his pressure and very responsive if certain areas need more or less. He was super knowledgeable too and taught me a few home techniques I could use as well to help with some of the muscle stress I had from working a 9-5 desk job.

Overall the experience was great and I’m so happy I decided to book the session.

Can’t wait to book my next appointment!

Emil Vincent A


Hurts so good. Thanks Joshua!
Crystal J, Sacramento, CA -- via yelp