Deep Tissue Massage Sacramento

Deep Tissue Massage – Sacramento Massage Studio

The Deep Tissue Massage Sacramento Massage Studio offers focuses on those deeper layers of muscle tissue which can hold a lot of what nags us. Many people don’t realize that how wound up we get actually has a lot to do with the tension and stress we’ve stored here! The primary aim of this treatment is to help relieve muscles of this chronic tension—but its effects often achieve much more, reversing poor posture, relieving chronic pain, and improving mobility.

Deep Tissue Massage is equally beneficial for individuals in extreme fitness training programs and those who spend much of their day at a desk—it can make just about anyBODY feel good as new! Although Deep Tissue may create some soreness during and following the treatment, most people experience pronounced physical and stress relief within the next 24-48 hours.


Eases Inflammation – Deep tissue massage increases blood flow in the body which in turn reduces inflammation. Chronic muscle inflammation can damage muscle tissue over time. (Although short bursts of it such as after working out or receiving a deep tissue massage can be beneficial)

Reduces Aches and Pain – Deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue and physically break down adhesions which are bands of painful, rigid tissue better known as knots.

Increases Range Of Motion – Having good range of motion is important for both muscle and joint health. Deep Tissue Massage can tame angry muscles that restrict movement around a joint. Encouraging joints to produce more synovial fluid for smooth joint articulation.

Rehabs Old Injuries – Still feeling the pangs of an old injury? Deep Tissue Massage has been noted to help with chronic or recurring conditions such as tendonitis, lower back pain, migraine/ tension headaches, hip/ knee/ shoulder trauma, and any other injury that occurs in soft tissue structures.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Deep Tissue Massage may help protect against high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease. Some studies suggest that it may help calm the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for raising your blood pressure in response to stress. According to a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (, Deep Tissue Massage helps to lower blood pressure after just one session.


$100 – 60 minute massage
$140 – 90 minute massage