DIY Salt Glow Body Scrub Recipe

This homemade, eco-friendly, DIY Salt Glow Body Scrub recipe is a great way to take care of your body! It also makes for a great gift if you’re keeping an eye out for another thoughtful and fun way to show your love.

An outstanding exfoliant, this Salt Scrub lifts away dirt, excess oils, and dead skin cells while stimulating the lymphatic system through its physical application.


Avoid using iodized table salt, as much of the therapeutic benefit has been processed out of it. Look for a salt that has been finely ground, keeping in mind that coarse salts are often too intense for certain skin types and areas of skin. I typically use Epsom Salt because it can double as a bath soak and you can always keep a lot on hand.

Dead Sea Salt:
One of the most mineral-rich sea salts you can find. Owing to its origins in the Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan, this salt has a higher concentration of trace minerals—including magnesium and potassium–than you would find in other sea salts. 

Himalayan Sea Salt:
Himalayan Sea Salt’s pink tint comes from the higher amount of iron it contains. It is believed to be one of the Earth’s oldest salts, dating all the way back to the primordial sea. 

Epsom Salt:
While Epsom Salts technically aren’t salts, they still make the list! Epsom Salt is primarily composed of magnesium sulphate, which is known for soothing sore muscles. If you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, Epsom Salt is the way to go.


While this recipe calls for Jojoba Oil, there is a variety of oils to choose from depending on your needs.

Jojoba Oil has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties—plus it’s odorless! It penetrates quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin. Overall nourishing and moisturizing for all skin types. Cannot recommend enough!



  • 1 cup salt of your choosing
  • 3-5 tablespoons oil

Place 1 cup of salt in a container of your choosing and add the oil 1 tablespoon at a time, mixing in between. You will use anywhere between 3 and 5 tablespoons, depending on your oil and salt choice.

You will want the consistency to feel sandy, not gooey. If the mixture has too much oil, the salt will dissolve over time and not slough off the skin very well. If it’s too gooey, add more salt.


Once the consistency is to your liking, add a couple drops of essential oil. Some of our favorite essential oils are lavender, sweet orange, spearmint, and grapefruit. But do your research! Some oils are not intended for use on skin or inhalation, especially if you are pregnant.


Following a shower, lightly pat your skin with a dry towel, leaving just enough moisture there to allow the scrub to move easily across your skin. Apply the salt scrub in a circular motion over your entire body. Avoid your face, neck, and sensitive areas. 


For sensitive skin types, make it a sugar scrub! Substitute salt for brown sugar and you’ve got yourself a less abrasive mixture that still has the power to remove dead skin. There is a great sugar scrub recipe over at The Simple Veganista.


For best results, soak in the tub first! Doing this will really help soften your skin beforehand and ultimately allow for an easier scrub!

Your new salt scrub can be stored for up to a month in a covered/closed container. The reasons to treat yourself or someone else to a wonderful DIY Salt Glow Body Scrub recipe just keep piling up!

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Zach Stahlecker, CMT, CAMTC #41331

Zach Stahlecker is an experienced bodyworker in Sacramento and owner of Sacramento Massage Studio. Over the years, he has created a thriving practice and an environment that unites serenity with healing. He prides himself on providing professional therapeutic services in a warm and comfortable manner.

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