Jazzy Kail, CMT

Jazzy Kail, CMT – CAMTC #74189

3 words to describe your bodywork?
Intuitive. Perfervid. Restorative.

What makes your bodywork great?
Besides the words above, I have lived with pain and alignments, myself, and when I discovered forms of physical healing such as massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, etc and how they alleviated my pain, I felt strongly that no one should have to live their life in pain that’s almost subconscious because they believe that’s just a part of life, that nothing can be done, that it’s “normal”.

What type of bodywork do you like receive?
Personally, I love deep tissue and clinical styled massage. I prefer long sessions with focus on alleviating pain and/or improving my physical state/health in terms of ROM, blood/lymph flow, etc.

What do you do when you are not at the studio?
I’m pretty much a full time student with a kinesiology major, much of my time is devoted to that. Other than that, sleeping, eating, and the other daily necessities, I do exercise, go on hikes, read, dance, or skateboard, as well as try to get in much needed time with my loved ones.

Mountains, ocean, or desert?
Truthfully, I prefer broad rivers where forests meet the banks/beach. In terms of these 3, however, I guess I’d say Oceans, bodies of water are most important to me, even better when they are paired with a forest.

What is your favorite treat?
Oh, this is tough. I definitely love chocolate so that would be it I guess, any chocolates besides caramel or coconut.

What is your favorite quote?
I have a lot of favorite quotes that give deep meaning and thought to life, however, there is only one quote that has no meaning at all that I often refer to to remind me things sometimes make no sense and are simply for entertainment. “A cantaloupe is bigger than a lampshade, but you can’t use a doorknob as a toaster” – Adam Sandler