Josh Montmeny

Joshua Montmeny, CMT – CAMTC #42335

3 words to describe your bodywork?
Focused. Intense. Tailored.

What makes your bodywork great?
I’m not sure about being great, but my ego certainly digs the idea! Instead, I would say I’m deeply committed to seeing my clients receive the highest quality care I’m capable of offering. I’m not afraid to tell you the truth or put you through a grueling session if it’s necessary; on the flip side, if you need ease and relaxation, I’ve got you on that front as well.

What type of bodywork do you like receive?
I think all massage therapists give the massage they would like to receive: For me, that’s hard core deep tissue and trigger point therapy with long lasting therapeutic results being the primary goal.

What do you do when you are not at the studio?
I’m a busy fella. In addition to the long hours I spend at the gym, I also devote a large portion of my time to creative endeavors; currently I’m working with a team to produce and launch a podcast.

Mountains, ocean, or desert?
All of them?

Do you have animals? What kind are they, and what are their names?
I don’t ‘own’ any animals personally, but I live with two cats: Toby and Marcel (the later is a lady with a fellas name, she’s kinda surly and I love her).

What is your favorite quote?
“The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved only by the most delicate handling. But we do not treat ourselves, nor one another thus tenderly.” – Henry David Thoreau

I feel like a million dollars! Wasn’t really aware of just how inflexible I’d become. I didn’t really feel like anything was wrong. But after a session with Josh, I felt a hundred times better. Since then, I’ve been going to Josh regularly, with the same fantastic results. No sessions are exactly alike, as Josh is able to detect just what approach is needed for each visit, with each muscle area. Always professional and courteous. I’d highly recommend Josh to anyone.

Brian W., San Francisco, CA -- Via Yelp!