make your massage last longer

Massage is a long term investment. Make the benefits of your massage last longer by taking a few of these easy steps.

1. Hydrate with plenty of water before and after massage treatment.

There is conflicting data on whether massage releases toxins from muscles. But, that doesn’t mean you should forego the H²O.

Our muscles tissue are composed of 75% water!

Muscles that are properly hydrated cause less pain and function better than muscles that are not.

So… Drink up!

2. Avoid strenuous exercise or lifting.

If you must exercise (which we highly recommend), do it prior to your massage. One of the fabulous reasons why massage is so beneficial is because it adds length and flexibility to muscle fibers. Working out shortens muscles, making the massage contradictory.

Finally! Permission to avoid exercise granted.

3. Plan properly prior to your massage.

We all know, by the end of a massage, we are centered and calm. A calm mind will help create a calm body. But starting the massage from a place of calm will allow you to drop into the experience even deeper.

Before your next appoint try doing something that brings you joy and calm.
Such as:

  • Enjoy a cup of tea at your favorite tea house or coffee shop.
  • Take a restorative or yin yoga class.
  • Knock out a portion of the book you’re reading
  • Get a pedicure
  • Or, simply meditate

Maybe you balk at the idea of slowing down or laugh at all of that free time you DON’T have. That’s OK. At the very least, leave early for your appointment. Turn off your phone, and take the leisurely route to your appointment.

4. Get regular bodywork.

Consider the cumulative effects regular massage. You woke up with a stiff neck, then you go online to schedule a massage. Three months later your back is sore for a week straight so you call to see what opening we have. Of course, we are here for you! But, try to use massage as maintenance and prevention.

Scientists are now finding that massage can reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, dampen harmful stress hormones, and raise mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin.

5. Ask for what you want.

We get it- You want to be nice, which is why you may have a difficult time asking your massage therapist for something specific.

At the beginning of the treatment is an important time to relay pertinent issues that you would like addressed or focused on during the session. But at the beginning, it’s also a good time to ask for what you don’t want. Avoiding feet, face, or belly?

For the most part we all like to “Zone out” during a bodywork session. That’s great if everything is going as planned, but if you feel like the pressure is not quite right or you want more focus on a specific areas, it’s time to SPEAK UP!

Any good massage therapist would love your feedback. “Can you spend more time on my shoulder?” “Can you go deeper right there?”

While often intuitive, Massage Therapists are not mind-readers. Ask for what you want, you will be happy you did.