Don’t take our word for it. Here is what Sacramento Massage Studio former employees have had to say!


Working at Sacramento Massage Studio was a positive experience from start to finish. You can’t ask for a better boss than Zach, and the other therapists are top notch. The morale and vibe of this studio are super positive. And on top of all that, there are some pretty great perks. In only 6 months, I received complimentary massages from everyone on staff and Zach paid for my continuing education at the Massage Therapy Institute.

Also, in your day to day, you definitely get to connect with each of your clients on a deeper level than most places, because there is more time in between massages. That way your really feel like you’re growing as a therapist and making a difference in someone’s life. You really can’t ask for a better massage job. Highly recommended!

Michael Bresnahan, Sacramento, CA


I am a former employee of Sacramento Massage Studio and absolutely loved my experience working there. The team is friendly and welcoming, the clients are wonderful, and I always felt that I could reach out if I had questions or concerns. There are many massage and manual therapy businesses that do not take into account the ‘human’ aspects of the work, yet since Zach is a practitioner himself, he really gets it and advocates for his team AND the clients.

If workplace culture and a positive environment are important to you, I would highly recommend Sacramento Massage Studio!

Mariah Heller, Denver, CO


Working for Zach and Sacramento Massage Studio was one of my favorite jobs ever. Had I not been traveling and only in the area for six months, I am sure I would still be there. The studio is beautiful, warm, and welcoming with soft lights and gentle music that instantly drop away the stress of the world outside. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and healing, with elements of fire, water, and air present in every room. There are warm towels to work with, heated tables, and only the best flannel linens to welcome clients in to.

I found Zach to be a great boss. He cares deeply about his therapists and works hard to create an accommodating and flexible schedule that works for everyone. The studio is always kept neat, clean, and well put together and it is a place that is easy to look forward to going in to. Also, the clients that I worked with were kind and generous people, reflective of the Midtown Sacramento vibe.

I can’t speak highly enough of this space and if I ever find myself passing through Sacramento again, I will definitely be stopping by to receive some bodywork!

Jana Raines, Olympia, WA


I worked as a team with a talented cohort and was rewarded generously for my efforts. Tips from the clients were great because the they loved the whole experience. The booking system for massage schedules was easy for clients and therapists to stay on time. The leadership was thoughtful and always open for communication which made it seem like a one in a million.
Travis Latta, Eureka, CA


In life, there are occasions when you get lucky, and find something that’s the perfect fit, at just the right time. And that something ends up not only informing the person that you will be for the rest of your life, but allows you to shape the world around you in some positive way as well. For me, that something was my time at Sacramento Massage Studio. Not every CMT gets the chance to work at the finest boutique studio in the Sacramento region, or to grow a practice that is enviable in the extreme, all the while being supported by one of the highest caliber individuals working today, (I’m looking at you Zach). I did get that chance however, and I will always be better for it.

To get your foot in the door at Sacramento Massage Studio means to enter a comfortable, safe, supportive environment. An environment with a built in, loyal clientele. And a reputation bolstered by over 170 Five Star reviews on Yelp alone. Believe me when I say that if you work hard, your personal talent can and will take you to the right place in your career. But joining SMS is tantamount to taking the express lane to that place; to your best self, and your best work. If you want a lasting, impactful career, and to establish a reputation in the industry that is second to none, Sacramento Massage Studio is the place you want to be.

Joshua Montmeny, Sacramento, CA


I loved my time working at Sacramento Massage Studio! The pay was very competitive, my hours were flexible and reasonable, the clientele were lovely and my coworkers were all kind and supportive. I always felt like Zach had my back as an employee and that I could go to him for anything. I truly felt supported, valued and seen.
Shannon Leu, Sacramento, CA