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Give Yourself This Experience, and Support Our Small Business

Give yourself this experience and support our small business in the process. We cannot wait to reopen and get back to the work of relieving […]
Self Care Strategy For Black People

Self-Care Strategy for Black People

As a black woman in this time it has not only become important but necessary to strategize and actively participate in self-care practices. With the bombardment of unsolicited inquiries around race many black women are receiving in this time, the first and foremost strategy is to be sagacious in the use of energy and time.
Sacramento Small Business Owners

Sacramento Small Business Owners: On Self-Care

Sacramento Small Business Owners: On Self-Care By Zach Stahlecker, CMT We are in the middle of a global pandemic, and a powerful & necessary social […]
Cupping Sacramento

Benefits of Cupping

We have been proud to offer Cupping In Sacramento for nearly a decade! (Back before it was cool. 😜 We like to say “It may look weird, but it feels great—and it works!” Cupping Massage is a treatment that is designed to break up stagnation in the tissue and loosen extremely tight muscles. The cups are applied to the skin, drawing in the skin and superficial muscle layer.
relieve hamstring pain

How to Relieve Hamstring Pain in 10 Minutes or Less

The hamstrings may be the most problematic muscle group that I’ve seen in my years as a trainer and massage therapist. They (the hamstrings) cross more than one joint, and commonly contribute to pain and injury in the knees and lower back. In our sedentary culture, the hamstrings are often chronically shortened by sitting, which further exacerbates follow-on issues.
Coronavirus is accelerating a culture of no touching

Coronavirus is accelerating a culture of no touching

Touch has profound benefits for human beings. But over the last few decades, people have become increasingly cautious about socially touching others for a range of reasons. With the novel coronavirus spreading, this is bound to get worse. People have already started avoiding shaking hands. And the British queen was seen wearing gloves as a precaution not to contract the virus.
Panic Attack And Coronavirus

Panic Attack or Coronavirus?

It is natural to feel anxiety and stress during this coronavirus crisis. Elevated levels of stress directly affect breathing, however. Apart from the seriousness of the matter and heart-wrenching reports, watching the news, under the circumstances, may be also be an added threat to your sense of wellbeing and health, mental and physical. Anxiety disorders, and panic attacks in particular, can mimic coronavirus symptoms, such as shortness of breath.
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We feel the safety measures that have forced us indoors and away from others to help stop the spread of COVID-19 is the right thing to do. We’re confident our strength and resilience will carry us through. However, through all of this we have experienced a sudden deprivation of customers. Do you want to help our small business weather the economic shock of the coronavirus? While we may not be able to give a massage in person right now, there
cbd oil massage

Why We Don’t Provide CBD Oil Massage

CBD oil massage has been a big topic in our industry recently. For several years I have wondered if it’s right for our business. I have always been open to adding on new therapies and products. In fact, CBD-infused oil products sell really well. Some might even say that it is a missed opportunity to not provide this service. While I’m not questioning the benefits or the role it can play in pain relief, for now the answer is no.