Coronavirus is accelerating a culture of no touching

By |April 10th, 2020|

Touch has profound benefits for human beings. But over the last few decades, people have become increasingly cautious about socially touching others for a range of reasons. With the novel coronavirus spreading, this is bound to get worse. People have already started avoiding shaking hands. And the British queen was seen wearing gloves as a precaution not to contract the virus.

Why We Don’t Provide CBD Oil Massage

By |March 10th, 2020|

CBD oil massage has been a big topic in our industry recently. For several years I have wondered if it’s right for our business. I have always been open to adding on new therapies and products. In fact, CBD-infused oil products sell really well. Some might even say that it is a missed opportunity to not provide this service. While I’m not questioning the benefits or the role it can play in pain relief, for now the answer is no. We do not offer CBD oil massage. With more information I might retract my position and this article.