5 Reasons to try Cupping Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, cupping therapy is not just a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but has been practiced the world over by different cultures in various ways. In recent times, this form of healing is attracting interest and curiosity mainly because of the many celebrities and famous athletes sporting the marks and bruises left behind by the therapy. They also talk about how they have used this method of healing for the problems they faced with very successful results. If you have been wondering if this therapy can work for you, know that it can help alleviate many health problems you may have, both physical and psychological. Here are some of the positives of using cupping therapy.

1. Inverse Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is well known for its many benefits like increasing blood circulation, promoting healing, and relaxing the muscles. Cupping works as a reverse of massage therapy. Whereas in massage therapy, the healer exerts pressure, in cupping the muscles are decompressed. When the warmed cup with the vacuum under it is moved over your body, it pulls the muscles and skin away from the bones. In this way, it creates an empty space which immediately receives a new infusion of blood. As the blood circulates in the space, it brings with it fresh oxygen and nutrients. In this way, cupping therapy works to improve blood circulation and relaxes the muscles by removing knots much like trigger point massage therapy.

2. Detoxification

If you have been experiencing poor blood circulation, it could lead to a buildup of toxins inside the tissues of your body. This buildup is often the cause of many health problems. Cupping can help improve this stagnation and the blood rushing to the treated area effectively carries away the toxins. Along with the toxins, it also clears away dead cells and lymph, and other accumulated debris. All of these elements are then naturally expelled from the body. This is why, your healer is likely to recommend that you drink lots of water post the session to help flush away the impurities and promote good health.

3. Anti-aging Treatment

Cupping therapy can actually help you slow down the aging process. As you age, your body processes start to slow down. As a result, you might notice that you’re losing muscle tone and fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to show on your face, backs of the hands, feet and other areas where the skin is fine. Cupping treatments can improve the sluggish circulation so that your muscles and tissues are saturated with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow. You’ll soon notice that the stiffness you felt in moving around is very much relaxed and that you’re regaining muscle tone. When cupping is used on the face, it can promote the rejuvenation of collagen, thus removing the signs of aging.

4. Healing Injuries by Inducing Inflammation

Should you suffer a muscular injury, your first reaction is to make sure that there is no inflammation by putting on lots of ice packs. However, the inflammation that you see is your body’s defense systems kicking into action. It floods the injured muscle with blood and healing chemicals, platelets, white blood cells, fibroblasts, and nutrients. Cupping therapy works in a similar way. It draws blood to the affected areas so that the new blood vessels are created and it can heal the adhesions and knots. This is the main reason why athletes use cupping therapy. It helps their bodies recover from the intense workout sessions they undertake to build muscle tissues and stamina.

5. For Health and Wellness

Considering that cupping therapy has a host of benefits, you can use it for helping control hypertension, and alleviate the pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. You can also use it for relieving migraines, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Patients that are prone to seasonal allergies leading to coughs and colds will find that cupping helps ease the symptoms. Used in the hands of an expert practitioner, cupping can also help you with any skin ailments you might have.

These are 5 simple reasons why you can use cupping therapy. However, it is always advisable to look for a certified healer with the necessary licensing to practice this form of healing.

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