Prioritizing Self-care

Finding My Center Amidst Life’s Chaos

In the sanctuary of Sacramento Massage Studio, clients often drift into a realm of peace, momentarily escaping life’s relentless rush. As the owner, I’ve witnessed countless individuals find solace through self-care practices. However, the truth is, even though I advocate the virtues of self-care, I often find it challenging to walk that path myself.

Last week was particularly trying. The universe seemed to conspire against my peace as both the AC in my car and my house malfunctioned simultaneously. Juggling appointments and finances to address these issues intensified my stress. These external challenges, combined with my internal state, resulted in moments of impatience, leading me to be short with a few family members and my partner, transforming minor nuisances into major issues.

One might think that someone in the wellness industry, like me, would have self-care mastered. Yet, delving deeper, I’ve noticed a trend: many professionals in our field, from therapists to life coaches, often have personal challenges with self-care. Perhaps it’s these challenges that fuel our desire to help others.

Though I cherish the moments I spend with my loved ones and yearn to do more for them, I’ve come to understand that to truly be there for them, I need to be there for myself first. The moods and stressors, while amplified by external factors, hinted at a need for more personal time and self-care. An hour of solitude, a rejuvenating massage, or simple meditation can be transformative. They don’t erase life’s problems but equip us to handle them with grace.

This journey underscored the essence of setting boundaries. It’s not about distancing ourselves but understanding when we need to recharge. Every “yes” to ourselves strengthens our spirit, empowering us to give more to the ones we love.

In our quest to be there for others, it’s paramount to remember the person reflected in the mirror. Prioritizing ourselves doesn’t lessen our love for others; in fact, it fortifies our capacity to love deeper. For when we tend to our own spirit, we become an unwavering pillar of support for those around us.

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Zach Stahlecker, CMT, CAMTC #41331

Zach Stahlecker is an experienced bodyworker in Sacramento and owner of Sacramento Massage Studio. Over the years, he has created a thriving practice and an environment that unites serenity with healing. He prides himself on providing professional therapeutic services in a warm and comfortable manner.

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